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Can a house be moved?
Yes, all houses can be moved.
How much will it cost to move a house or building?
Price varies with each house or building.
Does the size of the house or building being the moved matter?
There is no limit to the size.
Is it more economical to move an older house?
It depends on how much you want to spend remodeling.
Will the walls in my house crack?
It depends on how level the house was built. Sometimes the foundation has settled and became out of level and repair work has been done to the drywall, so when it is moved onto the new level basement it will recrack. On some occasions the new foundation is built out of level and the house will crack.
How far can you move the house?
Depending on the size of the house, a bungalow or ranch style can be moved the easiest and the greatest distance.
Can a house or building be moved in one piece?
Some buildings are too wide or too long to be moved in one piece. Some additions are poorly attached and may have to be removed, after main structure is moved, the addition can be reattached.
Can a house be moved, when I want it moved?
We can usually get there in a reasonable amount of time. Depending on weather, utility companies and permits.
Can you move my house with the wood basement under it?
Yes, houses with wood basements can be moved all in one piece. There are a lot of benefits to moving a house in one piece.
Do you need permits?
Yes, you need a building permit, and moving permit and some towns or cities, need an inspection and or engineering certificate.
Can the furniture remained in the house?
The furniture can stay in the house but certain things should be removed.
Can the cement be moved with a building?
Yes, the cement can be moved but most times it is too costly. If you want to move the cement it has to be in good shape.
How long does it take to move a house?
This depends on the size, shape, style, weather, road conditions & utility companies.